The Simple Life  

 At long last, here it is! The culmination of a few years worth of writing and an Iowa winter spent huddled in a heavily carpeted room with a few mics and a lot of ideas. The Simple Life for me is a really, really personal album about a lot of different kinds of struggle, specifically the loss of my father and also some mental health issues that have had their teeth in me for years. This isn't a metaphorical album or a collection of song-stories, but more of what I hope is a deeply revealing portrait of part of my inner world. Take a listen, it's available exclusively through my website through the month of July as a download and a physical CD. Hope the music resonates with you and thanks for tuning in.  

The Simple Life Available July 12th! 

I've been pretty much buried the past couple of weeks in bubble mailers, packing tape, stamps, boxes and twine. The great news is that it's because I've been mailing out kickstarter bling and copies of my new CD :-) I wanted to announce that the new album, The Simple Life, is going to be available for download here on my website starting on July 12th. It'll be here exclusively for a couple of weeks before showing up on iTunes later in the month. Physical copies will also be available for you old-school folks who really dig the sound of a nice, shiny disc :-) Excited to bring this music to you all & thanks for your support! 

We Did It!  

Thanks so much to everyone for backing my kickstarter! I'm super excited to say that we were 105% funded and we're already working on graphic design and mastering. I'm just really, really excited to bring this collection of honest, vulnerable and very personal songs to you. This album is a little more intimate than some things I've done in the past few years - there are really no drums on it, except for a few handmade ones and a pair of brushes on a desktop or guitar case. OK, and I did use a suitcase for a kick drum a couple of times. But mostly I really wanted to give the songs and the lyrics a chance to shine and speak for themselves with just minimal production. Here's a little preview of the unmastered tracks just to give you some idea of the flavor of it:


The rumors are true! I just launched a kickstarter campaign for my new CD, The Simple Life. Check it out here


We Belong EP  

OK, it's here! The new We Belong EP is here on my website as a download and CD, check it out and hope you love it as much as I do :-) 

We Belong 

Really excited to announce the new EP I've been working on will be available at shows starting this weekend, and online Monday, October 9th! It's a great collection of songs featuring a new version of We Belong and some other really cool (and kind of different) tracks. I'm so happy with the recording and big thanks to Otto D'Agnolo for doing such a great job mixing :-) 


Wow! So excited to hear that my song "Thorn in Your Side" was mentioned in Billboard's article on songs about gender identity. Honored to be in such great company - if you haven't checked out Shea Diamond's video for 'I Am Her', it's a really amazing and powerful statement by an incredible trans artist. 


Had such an amazing time playing at the Women's Redrock Music Festival in Torrey, Utah this weekend. The drive out there is surreal and beautiful and seriously makes you feel like you're driving on the surface of Mars or something. Got to hear some amazing sets by bigger names like Holly Near and Emily Saliers, and also some incredible performances from newer artists like Heather Mae and Katie Kuffel. Seriously, check out their music, they are so, so good. Headed up to the PNW for a couple of weeks and then spending a couple of days driving back to Iowa to start recording my new CD. Peace and love to all, be nice to each other, these are tough times. 


Having a great time tooling around Germany with the band and one feisty but affectionate Yorkie. Meeting some truly amazing people, seeing some gorgeous countryside and also learning some important German phrases like, "Tell it to your grandmother!" Somehow managing to write some new songs on the mandolin in between shows and really looking forward to starting in on a new CD when I get back to Iowa. Lots of plans this summer, I'll be at the Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina in July and Women's Red Rock Music Festival in Utah this August and working my way west from there. 

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