Back from Berlin 

Finally back from Germany after almost 7 weeks, wow! Had such a great time playing with Amy and Micha, here's a little video from our performance at Kulturbrauerai in Berlin:

New CD Digital Release!  

Just a little note to let you know the new CD, Ditch Lilies, is available digitally now! It's up on the website with a few cool extras like full CD artwork and liner notes, plus a little something called "Stories Behind the Songs". Also available on iTunes and CDBaby. So excited for this, hope you love it as much as I do! 

The Record Industry with Otto D 

Excited to be the guest The Record Industry with Otto D this Monday (3/9) at 7 pm west coast time! Otto mixed and engineered the new CD, and we'll be chatting about everything from musical influences and microphone choices to "showcase" gigs in grocery store parking lots. Direct link to the show here

Streaming Live on Sunday 2/15 

First StageIt show of 2015! Streaming live from Northern CA, playing a bunch of stuff from the new CD. If you haven't checked out one of these shows, they're loads of fun - super intimate and casual, and there's a chat feature so you can ask questions and say hi and stuff. Takes about 3 minutes to sign up at :-)

We did it!  

Just wanted to send out a huge thank you to all of you who donated, forwarded, retweeted and helped to spread the word. The great news is, as of this weekend my kickstarter campaign was 108% funded! And I am *so* excited to get back to recording once this tour wraps up in a couple of weeks. Thanks for making this possible, lots of updates on the way in the coming weeks and months! 

Kickstarter Update 


3 weeks into the kickstarter campaign and we're almost 75% of the way there! Thanks so much to all who have donated so far, it makes *such* a difference and is a very real and concrete way to show that you support meaningful art . For those of you still waiting, the campaign wraps up at 4:53 pm on Saturday, September 27th so just about another week to get on board. Click here for a direct link to the campaign


New Kickstarter! 


It's official, the kickstarter campaign for my new CD just launched today! I had a blast making the video and hope you have just as much fun watching it :) Here's the direct link to the campaign:


New CD & Kickstarter 


In Omaha, NE this week just getting started on...working on a new CD! I'm setting up some microphones and my laptop to record some of the acoustic tracks and then will be heading into the studio in the fall to work with some other musicians. Lots of great songs, the working title of the CD is "Ditch Lilies" which is kind of a theme about things that are overlooked and finding beauty in unexpected places. I'm working on another kickstarter which will launch a little later this month - so excited to bring this music to you all :)

Spring update 


A few shows in the midwest next month and then off to Germany for 3 weeks! I'll be playing at the Blue Wave festival in Rügen and doing a few shows in Berlin - in case you have any European cousins that <3 Transgender Americana™, I'm looking for a couple of house concerts the weekend of June 13-15.

In the meantime I've been working on another batch of songs - once I finish these up I feel like I'll be ready to start sorting through them all and figure out which ones are going to be on the next CD. I've been intentionally waiting on putting out another album - part of the reason for that is that I wanted to try writing a *lot* more songs than I usually would. The idea behind that was to give myself a huge mountain of stuff to pick from, but also to let the songs live and breathe on stage a little bit before jumping into the studio. It's been interesting to see which ones "stick" and which ones are content to quietly slip away, but the process is absolutely invaluable and it's shaping up to be a a collection of songs that I'm pretty much head over heels in love with. 

I'll doing another kickstarter this summer once I get back from Europe, stay tuned for updates on that :)

PNW tour 

Excited to head up the the Pacific Northwest next week for shows in Portland, Boise, Seattle and Bellingham! More info here

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